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long-term digital preservation of all materials hosted in its collections. The present need for such action in the Caribbean is
urgent, especially in consideration of the region's volatile climate, which renders a more traditional approach to preservation a
daunting challenge for even the finest archives and repositories.
To best assure continued access to at-risk materials, dLOC has formed a partnership with the University of Florida and the
Florida Digital Archive (FDA) to redundantly back-up the entire dLOC collection in a robust, standards-compliant preservation
software architecture based on the Open Archival Information System Reference (OAIS) Model.
Permissions: Rights & Responsibilities
In addition to digitizing materials following preservation standards, dLOC further supports preservation and access by ensuring
that all applicable rights are respected and supported by seeking Internet distribution permissions as needed. Internet
distribution permissions can be required for cultural and documentary heritage rights, privacy rights, and copyright.
Copyright is a property right that seeks to balance the rights of the creator with the rights of the global society. Copyright is but
one of many rights and responsibilities that must be considered when digitizing materials. Digitization makes use of new and
emerging technologies, technologies whose use may not yet have applicable laws supporting their use for the gobal public
good. dLOC observes whichever copyright law affords the greatest protections: either the laws of the partner institution's home
country or the laws of the country of origin.
dLOC partners frequently work with publishers and copyright owners to request permissions. Copyright owners can also grant
permissions and request that their materials be archived by contacting the dLOC Coordinator.
The template for permissions requests and grants of permissions are below:
Permission Request Letter (English)
Demande de Permission (French)
Solicitud de Autorización (Spanish)
Grant of Permisions (English)
Droits des Permis (French)
Concesión de los Permisos (Spanish)
In order to digitize borrowed materials, as is often the case with newspapers, access to the physical copies and permissions
from the copyright holders are required. These are the letters defining usage for borrowed newspapers:
Physical copy lending Agreement (English)
Accord de Prêt pour la Numérisation (French)
Acuerdo de Préstamo para la Digitalización (Spanish)
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