24  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Preservation environmental scan from our Synergies project. Work with COPPUL and CARL libraries on preservation
initiatives. JISC Digital curation model. Keeping up to date with current literature.
Professional literature published or distributed by organizations such as CLIR, CNI, OCLC/RLG, Northeast Document
Conservation Center (NEDCC).
Professional literature. Other libraries’ policies.
Resources: TRAC and DRAMBORA audits. No policies yet except: lots of copies keep stuff safe.
Resources available from JISC, NDIIPP, other national libraries, ALA, SAA, and NIST.
Review of institutional requirements and existing policies from other institutions and projects, along with tacit
knowledge of current institutional staff and project team members that has been developed through prior digital
preservation projects.
See: http://www.it.ufl.edu/policies/ (especially data of value) and http://fclaweb.fcla.edu/FDA_documentation.
To Be Determined.
The Cornell/ICSPR Digital Preservation Policy Framework.
The resources most heavily used include the OAIS Reference Model (ISO 14721:2003); Audit and Certification of
Trustworthy Digital Repositories (CCSDS 652.0-R-1, Draft); A Framework of Principles for the Development of Policies,
Strategies and Standards for the Long-term Preservation of Digital Records (InterPARES 2 project, 2008); the ALA
Definitions of Digital Preservation; Digital Preservation Policies Study (JISC, 2008).
The TRAC Checklist is being used to do a first pass of where we stand.
TRAC checklist and audit reports, preservation policies at other institutions, Digital Curation Centre.
TRAC guidelines; external published reports; experience of other colleague institutions.
TRAC, NDIIPP, LC, Cornell policy, NEDCC policy template.
TRAC, OAIS, JISC Materials, PLATTER, CDL Microservices, PA-SIG community, Beagrie Policy Studies.
TRAC; and resources from the Digital Preservation Management Workshop.
Trustworthy Repositories Audit & Certification: Criteria & Checklist (TRAC), Drambora and Platter.
University of California system-wide collection development and University of California Riverside collection
University of Waterloo Statement on Information Management, & associated policies & guidelines (http://www.
secretariat.uwaterloo.ca/guidelines/stmtinfomgt.html). University of Waterloo Taskforce on the Long-term Preservation
of University Records. (2010). Report to the University Records Management Committee. Blue Ribbon Task Force on
Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access. (2010). Sustainable economics for a digital planet: ensuring long-term
access to digital information: final report of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access.
Charles Beagrie Ltd. (2008). JISC digital preservation policies study. British Library, et al. (2010). Long-term preservation
services: a description of LTP services in a digital library environment. California Digital Library, UC Curation Center.
(2010). Merritt: an emergent micro-services approach to digital curation infrastructure. National Archives (UK). (2011).
Digital preservation policies: guidance for archives.
Various reports from professional organizations, and conference content.
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