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Moving images The Archives contains an extensive film and video collection. Many of these
items are significant for preservation because of technological obsolescence and
uniqueness of the content.
Moving images We have unique moving image collections that we are transferring from analog to
digital, and are also acquiring digital video. These are important to the history of the
university and the region.
Research data or datasets By preserving local research data, we provide persistent and reliable access to the
research output, scholarship, and creative works of faculty, academic staff, and
students at the university.
Research data or datasets Expected to include data from a wide range of research in a variety of data
formats. The most significant ingest to date is a database of records compiled by
the Research Laboratories of Archaeology (RLA). It is significant for preservation
because it enables use of a collection of over five million artifacts collected over the
last 60 years. In addition to the fundamental roles of this database for discovery and
organization of the collection, it is also important for managing access according to
legal restrictions and professional ethics.
Research data or datasets Research data sets of all kinds need to be preserved for the future, for historical
research and for validating research findings. Federal mandates now require that
institutions take responsibility for insuring the availability of research data.
Research data or datasets This includes data and related supplemental files (codebooks, technical reports,
published articles, etc.), as well as research publications.
Still images These are images (primarily photographs) housed in our rare and special collections.
Web-harvested materials Materials that are generated by the university and posted on the web as document
of record.
Locally hosted journals Through our Synergies project we provide hosting for journals using the OJS
software. These are mostly peer reviewed Canadian journals in the social sciences
and humanities. We have a commitment to sustainability for the journals that we
work with.
News We have a unique online archive of both born-digital and digitized newspapers
and television news reports. It represents university, regional, and international
reporting, including some of the earliest web-accessible news. Like the previous
two examples, without this digital archive the library will fail in its mission to
make its information resources (including its unique faculty-staff-graduate student
newspaper) accessible by the widest possible community for the long term.
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