SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 31
10. What opportunities does your library (plan to) pursue to increase staff expertise in digital
preservation? Check all that apply. N=58
Conference attendance 52 90%
Workshop attendance 51 88%
Independent study/assessment 47 81%
Training provided by professional organizations 36 62%
Local courses in computer or digital technology 21 36%
Training provided by vendors 19 33%
Hire consultants 11 19%
Other 11 19%
Please specify the other opportunity.
Coordination with other University of California campuses.
Formal and informal training programs organized by staff within the library and within a consortium.
Hire staff with appropriate experience.
Internal peer informational presentations.
No formal plans in place, but staff who will be involved in digital preservation have attended various conferences and
workshops in the past.
Staff recruitment with some expertise required.
The Libraries are supportive of these opportunities when needed, but none are officially planned at this time.
We also pursue training by library staff to other library staff in other areas, for instance, in XML and related
technologies. We hope to extend this to topics in digital preservation as our efforts in implementing a system and
workflow continue.
We will draw on the MetaArchive Cooperative’s considerable expertise.
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