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32. Please briefly describe who has (will have) primary responsibility for making local selection
decisions. N=47
As a national library, preservation responsibility is inherent in our decision to acquire born-digital material.
Associate Dean for Special Collections and Digital Initiatives; Head of Digital Library Center; Associate Dean for Digital
Scholarship and Technology Services; Digital Collections Committee.
Collection Development and Special Collections & Archives Departments.
Collection Services.
Content creators and digital collection managers will play a key role in identifying and collecting digital content for the
Libraries’ Digital Preservation Program. Due to a higher risk of loss associated with digital formats, content creators,
digital collection managers, and the Digital Creation and Preservation Working Group must collaborate closely to
manage digital assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Members of this stakeholder group will be responsible for
a wide variety of tasks. Their work will include following best practices and the procedures recommended by the
Digital Strategies Group, the Digital Creation and Preservation Working Group, and the Metadata Working Group.
Digital Creation and Preservation Working Group members will be responsible for collaborating with content creators
and digital collection managers to determine the long-term value of digital collections and assess the likelihood that
preservation of the materials is feasible given existing technical support and available resources.
Content owners.
Curatorial areas, in consultation with technical infrastructure staff.
Curators, subject librarians, bibliographers.
Department heads are responsible for selection decisions within their departments. The coordination mechanism for
prioritizing preservation efforts across departments will be developed as part of the library’s digital preservation policy
and strategy.
Depending on data type and subject area, scholarly resources, Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections,
data librarians, and faculty and students.
Digital Initiatives Librarian will coordinate local selection decisions.
Digital Initiatives unit.
Digital Library Coordinating Committee, in consultation with curators and subject specialists.
Digital Library Council.
Digital Library Services unit within Library Technologies.
Digital preservation team and digital initiatives managers.
Digital Projects Librarian.
For local digital content deposited in the University of Washington’s ResearchWorks, see the collection policy: http://
researchworks.lib.washington.edu/policy-collection.html. Other digital content (e.g., digitized collections) will be
reviewed in a similar context, using collection and preservation policies.
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