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Head, Scholarly Communication and Digital Services; Head, Archives and Records Management; Digital Collections
Archivist; Digital Initiatives Librarian.
Head, Special Collections and University Archives; Head, Digital Library Services.
Institutional Repository Development Team and its successor.
It will vary by asset type as well. For content generated by faculty or students, they will necessarily have some role in
selection decisions. For library-based content, local selection decisions will be discussed by the library and codified in
policy document.
Joint decision of multiple stakeholders including: Institute Archives and Special Collections; Preservation and
Conservation Services; selectors, Collection Strategy and Management.
Librarians from the department of Digital Scholarship and Programs, along with special collections curators.
Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Program Working Group, Special Collections & Archives.
Library administrators in consultation with curators, collection managers, and technical staff.
Library Dean’s Council (Library Administration) in conjunction with Head, Digital Initiatives.
Manager, Repository Technology, working with project managers and collections staff.
Not fully defined, but will likely be shared responsibility between collection managers/collecting units and operators/
funders of institutional preservation repository services
Not yet decided (2 responses).
Preservation Department and Digital Library Services.
Preservation Librarian, Director of Special Collections, Archivists/Librarians.
Scholarly Communications Librarian.
Selection decisions will be distributed among those with responsibility for collection development and those working
directly with scholars and researchers.
Special collections library, the digital library, and subject liaisons
Stakeholder groups.
Subject experts.
The collections department.
The coordinators/architects of our various repositories.
The curators of the special collections decide what digital content to preserve.
The Digital Archivist and other archivists on staff, as well as the Director of Libraries, Collections Coordinator, and LETS
staff will make these decisions.
The University Archivist (hiring in process), subject specialists, and Deans as applicable.
This will be collaborative to some extent, but if the two positions identified earlier are funded, these will work together
in presenting policies to the Digital Preservation committee.
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