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Lifecycle Data Management Planning
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Lifecycle Data Management
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Lifecycle Data Management Planning
Why manage research data? Data are information assets that greatly increase in use value through
active management. By planning the management of your research data at proposal time it is possible
Secure funding specifically for research data management
Improve the impact and visibility of your research
Improve and standardize data management practice and policy in your lab
Facilitate collaboration, increase research efficiency, and make new discoveries
Assure the greatest return on investment by adapting a value chain model
Source: DDI Structural Reform Group. "DDIVersion 3.0 Conceptual Model." DDI Alliance. 2004.
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Lifecycle management of data is becoming increasingly important to funding agencies and many agencies now encourage data
management, re-use, and sharing plans. Some major funders even require a formal "Data Management Plan" (DMP) in order to be
competitively considered for funding. Below is a list of agencies that have encouraged or mandated that grant proposals include a Data
Management Plan:
US Federal
Policy and Guideline Status More information
of Energy
DOE's CIO has primary responsibility to ensure that Information Technology (IT) is
acquired and information resources are managed in a manner consistent with
statutory, regulatory, and Departmental requirements and priorities. With this
responsibility, the CIO provides information resources management advice and
assistance to the Secretary of Energy and to other senior managers.
DOE Policies
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and Conditions
ARM Data Sharing and
Distribution Policy
Developing Data
Management Policy and
Guidance Documents for
your NARSTO Program
Guidelines for Ensuring and
Maximizing the Quality,
Objectivity, Utility, and
Integrity of Information
Disseminated by the
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