16  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Moving images 55 87%
Audio materials 54 86%
Library or IT-hosted web resources (e.g., institutional websites,
discussion lists, scholarly portals, etc.) 40 63%
Research data or datasets (e.g., engineering, architectural, geospatial, etc.) 38 60%
Mass digitized collections 38 60%
Any art or visual materials with a database or digital component 37 59%
Administrative records (e.g., Word documents, spreadsheets,
databases, e-mails, etc.) 25 40%
Applications, operating systems, or other software 23 37%
Web-harvested materials (e.g., externally hosted websites,
discussion lists, scholarly portals, etc.) 19 30%
Computer games 12 19%
Other content 8 13%
Please specify the other content.
Conference proceedings hosting, e-journals hosting.
Current newspaper content.
Electronic journals hosted locally.
Research and scholarly publications such as pre-prints, post prints, and conference presentations.
Scholarly articles in PubMed Central.
Scholarly papers, technical reports, grey literature.
State government reports, environmental resource inventories.
TEI-encoded texts; HTML-encoded texts.
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