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VP for Research and Graduate Studies, Academic Computing, University Archives.
We are in frequent contact with the Office of the Vice President of Research, as well as faculty members and
department heads from our local Graduate School. Focus meetings have occurred with graduate students and faculty.
We have had several initiatives. One was a survey similar to this one created by the Digital Curation Committee that
was internal to the library (in 2007). This survey had to be withdrawn due to its complexity and the failure of the survey
itself to clearly communicate definitions and distinctions. The same survey could probably be distributed now without
the same complications, as these issues are much better understood by a broader group of librarians. More recently, a
much more focused survey was distributed by Chemistry and Engineering Librarians to their faculty on their needs for
digital preservation (especially of scientific datasets). There have been ongoing discussions with other digital centers at
the university, especially the Humanities Digital Workshop, and the American Culture Studies department, which has
created several digital projects.
8. Please briefly describe which individual or group has (will have) primary responsibility for
authorizing and approving your library’s digital preservation policies and investments. N=55
Administrative Counsel, Preservation Committee.
Assistant Director for Technology.
Associate Dean for Technical Services.
Associate Dean.
Associate Director for Library Operations, NLM Director.
Chief Librarian; policies proposed and recommended by Digital Preservation Team.
Dean of Libraries, Associate Dean for Library Technologies and Digital Libraries, Associate Dean for Collection
Dean of Libraries and Libraries Senior Leadership Team.
Dean of Libraries.
Department of Digital Scholarship and Programs will propose a program to stakeholders, funding for which will be
approved by Library Administration.
Digital Initiatives unit.
Digital Library Access, Repository, and Scholarly Communication Services Advisory Group, mentioned above.
Director of Libraries, possibly Vice Provost (to whom library reports).
Directors Council (senior administrators).
Final approval comes from the Dean.
For us it would be authorized by the Digital Strategies Group (made up of digital collection managers, the head of
Library Systems Department and the Library Director and Associate Director) and the Libraries Senior Management
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