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Digitized special collections We have a large number of digital collections, mostly of print and images. These
represent national projects (Our Roots) as well as unique local collections. The
national collections bring with them a commitment to access over the long term. The
local collections provide material that is otherwise inaccessible.
Digitized special collections We have very unique special collections and are using CONTENTdm to archive the
digital copies we have made so far and will continue to do so in the future.
Digitized special collections We manage (for the state) the Kentucky Digital Library. We have over 1,000,000
digital objects that demand preservation.
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) All of our university’s master’s theses and doctoral dissertations published since
2001; one of our colleges also paid for digitization of all of their retrospective
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) Current and retrospective theses and dissertations are in cIRcle, the library’s
Institutional Repository, preserved in perpetuity. This content represents unique
output by the university community.
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) represent the unique research and
scholarship output of our university’s graduate students and, therefore, it is
extremely important that they be available for long-term access.
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) Electronic theses and dissertations are essential products of the university’s activities
in the areas of teaching and scholarship, and we need to ensure continuing access
to and usability of these resources.
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) Electronic theses and dissertations; part of the university’s official record and critical
for long-term retention. ETDs are born digital and are no longer available in print.
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) ETDs are replacing printed theses and dissertations in all Rutgers graduate
programs. As of October 2007 degree date, all Graduate School-New Brunswick
dissertations are submitted electronically. Other graduate schools including
Graduate School-Newark, Camden Graduate School, and the Graduate School of
Applied and Professional Psychology are participating in the program as well.
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) Our eTDs and eHTs (electronic Honors Theses) are a growing e-collection area. The
Graduate School and the Honors College are trusting the University Libraries to
preserve these university publications for the long term.
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) The theses and dissertations produced by the graduate students of the university are
important for preservation because they are unique items and represent a segment
of the research output of the university community.
ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations) [No description provided.]
Licensed materials eJournals , eBooks, and databases.
Licensed materials Electronic journals.
Licensed materials Electronic journals. Need to insure that we have continual access even if journal
goes out of business.
Licensed materials OCUL Scholars Portal is working towards TDR status.
Licensed materials Provide continued access to journal articles/research literature that we have invested
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