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21. Please identify the strategies your library currently uses to ensure the preservation of this type of
asset. Check all that apply. N=40
Using a library-managed digital archive/repository
(such as DAITSS, Archivematica, iRODS, etc.) 20 50%
Collaborating with other administrative and/or technical units in the institution 10 25%
Using a vendor-based, hosted solution (Portico, etc.) 9 23%
Participating in a collaborative, participatory solution (MetaArchive, etc.) 8 20%
Participating a collaborative, hosted solution (HathiTrust, etc.) 5 13%
Other strategy 9 23%
Please describe the other strategy.
Archiving files on a server with basic digital preservation measures in place while exploring options for a more
comprehensive system.
Currently, we are organizing and backing up digital assets in-house with no managed repository aimed at DP in use yet.
We’re in the investigative stage at this time.
Data generated out of research projects funded through specific programs.
Homegrown software and repository architecture.
Images are stored on the library’s servers, in a preservation file format (TIFF). Bit-preservation is assured through library
systems administration and backup procedures. Metadata is managed in Special Collections databases.
In-house development of our own digital repository software that is open source and available to others for use.
Texas Digital Library PresNet.
University system-wide digital repository.
Using Rosetta and FileNet with other entities on our consortium.
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