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The Digital Archivist will be taking a study leave later this year to develop digital preservation policies for the archives.
Many of these policies will be able to be applied to library materials. Other groups with responsibility for developing
these policies are our IT department (LETS) and Collection Development.
The Digital Case Working Group. (Digital Case is our institutional repository/digital library. The working group is
comprised of representatives from Metadata Services, Preservation, Technology Team, Library Administration, and the
Digital Library Programs group.)
The Digital Preservation Archivist, under the direction of the Head of the Digital Technologies Department. To a lesser
degree, the Data Curation Working Group and the Digital Library Council.
The Digital Preservation subcommittee of the Digital Library Team; this committee has had uneven periods of activity.
We have requested funding for a Digital Asset Librarian for FY2012, and if approved, that person will be the primary
person responsible and would coordinate with the committee. We have also requested funds for a Digital Data Curation
Librarian, who would be tasked less with the technical implementation of the actual preservation of assets, than with
outreach to faculty and the wider university community in an effort to articulate needs.
The following library and technology departments/units that have (will have) these responsibilities include: Digital
Library Technologies, Scholarly Communications, the Special Collections Library including University Archives,
Digitization and Preservation Department, and Collection Development.
The head of our digital library will probably lead the effort to draft preservation policies after convening an advisory
The Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Program Working Group, the Preservation Coordinator.
The work is distributed over several professionals or committees around the library and most policies largely are
governed by the Digital Library Access, Repository, and Scholarly Communications Services Advisory Group.
There will be a steering committee for this.
This is done by the Digital Services Team in consultation with the Deans and with the statewide Florida Digital Archive.
The UF Libraries are partners with the Florida Digital Archive (FDA), hosted by the Florida Center for Library Automation
(FCLA), with FDA as a resource for all of the State University Libraries. Each university has a technical liaison to FDA and
those representatives report to their Deans, and the Deans serve as a governing unit for FCLA and thus FDA as well.
Because of the complexities of digital preservation, this is active and evolving work.
UMass Amherst Libraries Digital Preservation Working Group, Five Colleges Digital Preservation Task Force.
University Archivist.
6. Please briefly describe the resources or policies that were (will be) used in researching and
developing your library’s digital preservation policies. N=53
An extensive literature review and environmental scan was used. Additional assistance provided by conferences and
workshops with specific relevance.
Anything available, including online resources, printed resources, and live experts.
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