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29. If the future strategy is different from the current strategy, please comment on why you think it
will change. N=8
As collaborative, hosted solutions like HathiTrust and CLOCKSS prove themselves, we will naturally incorporate them
more fully into our planning.
Hope to add more born-digital ETDs in the future.
Interested in exploring shared/hosted solutions for audio/moving image materials in the future as they emerge.
Hopefully, the need for digital preservation will be recognized within the higher echelons of the university administration
and other administrative and/or technical units in the institution will become involved in finding solutions to the
There is a campus-wide effort to improve efficiency and reduce duplication of effort. The library anticipates increased
collaboration with Information Technology Services and the Odum Institute for Research in Social Science.
We are currently constructing a fedora repository that will eventually accept media files, but for now, it is only ingesting
still image files.
We’re keeping our eye open for the most effective strategy...right now it is hedging by employing multiple options.
Will look at partnering with other nodes with like interest in preservation networks, both for redundancy and
geographic separation. Other reasons may also lead us in this direction.
Local Digital Preservation Activities
If your library is engaged in or is planning to engage in
activities to preserve digital
content (such as using a library-managed digital archive/repository or collaborating with other
administrative and/or technical units in the institution as opposed to a service provider), please
continue to the next screen.
If not, please click below, then click the Next button to jump to the Improving the Library’s
Preservation Role section.
Not engaged in
activities to preserve digital content. N=6
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