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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
IDEALS Digital Preservation Policy
Sarah L. Shreeves IDEALS Last Updated Nov 2009
not be fully renderable and when this is the case, IDEALS will make such limitations known in advance
whenever possible.
Use of materials is limited by whatever copyright notice has been provided. In most cases, authors
reserve all rights and material can only be used under fair use provisions.
See the Access and Use Policy for more information.
Technological Change: Developing a sustainable digital preservation model that will respond to
technological changes as needed without under- or overestimating the needs imposed by these
Creation of a Development Environment: Developing an OAIS compliant model requires a
preservation planning environment that will permit program personnel to experiment with
technological and procedural changes without risk of damaging deposited content.
Sustainability: Developing a sustainable model that will deal with the technical and management
challenges of preserving born-digital content within the constraints of available funding.
Full Engagement in Preservation: Providing a thoughtful balance between access and preservation
while being mindful of preservation's core role in maintaining access.
Sustaining the Relationship between the University Library and CITES: Maintaining IDEALS is the
joint responsibility of the University Library and CITES. Defining, developing, and sustaining this
unique relationship between the Library and CITES will ensure this program's long term stability
and success.
Ongoing Monitoring of Submitted Material Types and Formats: As different type of materials are
submitted (data sets, complex information objects), monitoring different needs (storage size,
metadata, etc) of the materials and maintaining procedures and policies (i.e. Format Support
Policy) based on these needs is necessary.
The University Library and CITES are committed to collaborating with one another in the development of
a Trusted Digital Repository in IDEALS. The IDEALS initiative is also committed to collaborating with
other institutions and organizations to further technological and operational research to better serve
the collective desire to digital content.
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