SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 41
New library leadership and more interest from outside the libraries in preservation of digital scholarship.
Plans to add a digital preservation librarian. Money within the preservation budget (within materials budget) is slowly
being shifted from completely paper-based preservation to digital preservation.
Plans to hire one new digital library developer FY2012.
Preservation is seen as a priority.
Research data archives initiative under development and expected to grow significantly.
Same as above, yet always having to balance sustainability.
Statewide initiatives getting underway.
The funds, and hence staff, available will decrease unless we can secure external funding from granting agencies or
through participation in collaborative efforts such as the MHL.
The increasing prevalence of digital resources and of digitization for preservation of analogue materials means that staff
time and funding will increasingly be diverted to digital preservation activities.
The internal processing work has been further automated and enhanced so that less staff time is required to keep pace
with the need. However, the storage space continues to grow and that increases costs, especially given that existing
materials of course remain.
The need will increase, so hopefully, our investment will as well.
The volume of unique digital content that the library is being asked to accept and care for is increasing rapidly.
This will become even more important and there is a commitment from the campus to devote more resources to the
Time will decrease as the process changes from the work needed to set up a pilot to being part of a smooth workflow.
Funding will decrease because there will no longer be the costs of setting up various parts of the preservation activities.
We are hoping to pursue funding for dedicated positions in the area of digital preservation.
We have put in budget requests for two additional positions, which are both primarily concerned with digital
preservation. We have also put in a budget request for a large initiative, which would include funding for disk space and
membership in the HathiTrust. These are hopeful answers, and there may be no increase.
We may be at risk of losing valuable assets otherwise.
We will continue to develop in this area and have plans to hire at least one additional full-time staff member in digital
preservation, this one residing in the preservation unit.
We will have more individuals in the library participate in adding content to the digital archive.
We will move from policy development to implementation.
Will need to increase to meet needs.
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