SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 17
2. Is your library actively investing in the preservation of any of this digital content (as defined in the
introduction), either alone or in collaboration with other entities? N=64
Yes 51 80%
Not yet, but planning to 10 16%
No 3 5%
At this point, only through third parties like HathiTrust.
Current investment is modest, but expanding.
Involved with several digital preservation network initiatives.
Looking into TRAC DRAMBORA to find out what we need to do this. Also looking into Cloud based distributed storage.
Only our ETDs could be considered actively preserved at the present time. Our other digitized materials are still handled
in a pretty ad hoc manner, which is a cause for concern. Unfortunately, we are still at the very beginning of our efforts to
develop a real digital preservation program.
Our library has an agreement with JSTOR, has contributed to the Internet Archives by paying for digitization of
monographs in our collection and is a member of the Ontario Council of University Libraries which pays for the ongoing
development of Scholars Portal and the activities underway to achieve TDR status.
Very preliminary discussions prior to beginning planning.
We are a Hydra partner, primarily with Stanford & Hull, but with the Hydra community, as well.
We have invested and are continuing to invest in in-house software development, hardware, storage platforms, and
digitizing equipment.
We have joined LOCKSS, and are thinking about joining HathiTrust. We are also members of Portico. We are currently
writing a digital preservation action plan and will begin evaluating other solutions for digital preservation soon.
We store files on a server with some basic preservation measures, but have not yet implemented a full-fledged digital
preservation model.
We’re in the organizational stage of building a sustainable digital preservation program. So far, we have data organized
and backed up and have created policy surrounding it, but have no software system in place to manage it and no
specified source of established, ongoing digital preservation funding.
If you answered “Yes” or “Not yet, but planning to” please continue to the next screen. If you
answered “No,” when you click the Next button below you will jump to the Barriers to Investing
in Digital Preservation section.
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