SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 127
University of British Columbia
COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network
Plugin Creation Resources
COPPUL_LOCKS S Workflows.doc (prepared by Dagmara)
http://sc holar.lib.vt.edu/loc kss/introduc tion.htm (plugin tutorial by Kamini S anthanagopalan, Virginia Tec h)
http://www6.bibl.ulaval.c a:8080/etd2006/pages/papers/S P10_%20Kamini_S anthanagopalan.pdf (more information about plugin c reation from
Kamini S anthanagopalan)
Plugin Tool download (plus offic ial LOCKS S doc umentation)
Other Private LOCKSS Networks
Alabama Digitial Preservation Network
The MetaArc hive Cooperative
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