SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 19
Electronic journals locally hosted.
Research and scholarly publications such as pre prints, post prints, and conference presentations.
Scholarly papers, technical reports, grey literature.
TEI-encoded texts, HTML-encoded texts.
Digital Preservation Policies
4. At what stage of development are your library’s digital preservation policies? N=61
Not yet started 6 10%
In discussion stages 27 44%
In draft written stages 13 21%
Written but not reviewed 2 3%
Written and under review 2 3%
Approved 2 3%
Other stage of development 9 15%
Please describe the other stage of development.
Digital preservation policy for local digital repository has been approved.
I am making ad hoc decisions about what to formally preserve at this time.
It is selective, i.e., to a relatively high stage in a digital asset agreement form for digital projects, but still in discussion for
all digital assets needing preservation.
Local digital projects in discussion; licensed materials preserved via protocols also in discussion.
Nothing exists locally.
Of course, this is only true of the highest-level digital preservation policies, not the policy surrounding the technical
specifications of the proposed program.
Repository dependent. Some are more far along than others. There is no library-wide digipres policy as of now.
The Digital Preservation Decision Tool has been approved, but we are in the process of moving to a new digital
preservation system, Rosetta, and a new records management program, Filenet.
Written and approved at a broad level as part of a general preservation policy. Due to be reviewed and updated.
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