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Carolina Digital Repository. Preservation and Stewardship
Carolina Digital Repository
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Preservation and Stewardship
The Carolina Digital Repository (CDR) manages the infrastructure and services necessary to provide sustainable access to digital objects.
The CDR is designed and operated to ensure the integrity of digital files at a bitstream level (the way information is encoded). Characteristics that
will affect preservation are recorded in metadata as part of the deposit process. The CDR regularly verifies the integrity of files, maintains a record
of preservation-related actions, and employs best practices in the field for persistent storage, including back-up and recovery procedures.
Repository staff consult with prospective depositors regarding the nature of their digital collections, foreseeable challenges for long-term access,
and strategies for meeting their preservation goals.
Services Provided
Consult with pilot collection contributors for preparation of submission of content into the CDR
Capture descriptive information about digital objects
Create and maintain service application, including:
Provide and manage sufficient storage for ingest and maintenance of content and associated metadata
Provide and manage persistent storage, including appropriate back-up and recovery procedures
Sustain bitstream-level preservation of digital objects
Perform system monitoring, testing and debugging
Services provided by the CDR reflect the repository's stage of development and implementation of evolving standards and best practices in the
field. As the repository grows and the technology matures, so will the CDR's capabilities for preservation and access.
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