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In-house development of our own digital repository software that is open source and available to others for use.
Texas Digital Library PresNet.
Transitioning to a new homegrown solution in the next calendar year.
University system-wide digital repository.
Using Rosetta and FileNet with other entities in our consortium.
24. If the future strategy is different from the current strategy, please comment on why you think it
will change. N=13
Anticipate that this need will decrease over time.
As HathiTrust deals with materials beyond books, we will examine the prospects for leveraging or integrating with that
Developing and implementing preservation policies and systems in line with the requirements for trustworthy digital
repositories will be a more efficient and reliable approach to preservation than the current strategy.
DLXS is no longer able to successfully meet our needs.
Hopefully, the need for digital preservation will be recognized within the higher echelons of the university administration
and other administrative and/or technical units in the institution will become involved in finding solutions to the
I believe HathiTrust will open up to more types of content and we will take advantage of that expansion.
It is likely that we may diversify in copies or by project or format; for example, we may store one copy in our local
repository, and replicate copies to DuraCloud. We may begin to store non-book material in Hathi as the capacity of that
system increases. The library is unlikely to be able to support a truly massive storage system without collaborating with
other campus units.
Services will improve; we will have defined our own needs and capacities more precisely.
Still using vendor based but probably participating in LOCKSS.
The library will explore whether it is appropriate and worthwhile to put these materials into HathiTrust.
We are planning to duplicate preservation of these files with MetaArchive to ensure preservation in the unlikely
eventuality that our digital repository were to fail.
We have moved the ETD’s into a Digital Commons repository. We will be exporting those from Digital Commons into a
microservices-based local repository managed by the library.
We would like to duplicate content remotely.
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