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5. Please briefly describe which individual or group has (will have) primary responsibility for
researching and developing your library’s digital preservation policies. N=55
A leadership team with members from the digital library group, library IT, and the special collections library.
A preservation steering committee.
Ad hoc group composed of Digitization Librarian, University Archivist, Special Collections Librarian, Assistant Special
Collections Librarian, Assistant University Librarian for Information Technology, and University Photographer. Other
library personnel are as needed.
Associate Dean for Special Collections and Digital Initiatives, head of Digital Library Center, Associate Dean for Digital
Scholarship and Technology Services, Dean of Libraries.
Assistant Director for Digital Information.
Collaborative efforts between the library, library information technology services, institutional information technology
services. Within the library, department of preservation, institutional repository manager, and information technology
Collaborative process: Preservation and Conservation Services; Institute Archives and Special Collections; Scholarly
Repository Services Manager; Technology Directorate.
Collaborative. Members include Library Technologies, Special Collections, Collections and Technical Services.
Department of Digital Scholarship and Programs.
Digital Collections and the Library Technology Division, in conjunction with other library departments under the auspices
of the Digital Library Coordinating Committee.
Digital Initiatives: Coordinator of Digital Initiatives and Associate Dean for Technical Services.
Digital Initiatives unit.
Digital Initiatives Librarian.
Digital Library Initiatives Department, Library Systems, and Special Collections.
Digital Library Program, Collection Development.
Digital Library Services.
Digital Preservation Committee.
Digital preservation librarian, consulting with relevant stakeholders.
Digital Preservation Team is currently undertaking this work. A Digital Preservation Officer/Digital Preservation Librarian
is currently being recruited. Chief Librarian will ultimately approve and sign off on digital preservation policy.
Digitization and Digital Curation Working Group.
Director, Centre for Scholarly Communication; Associate Vice-Provost, Collections; University Archivist.
For collection materials, the responsibility is distributed among Library Operations’ Public Services, Technical Services,
and History of Medicine Divisions. These divisions are represented on the Digital Repository Oversight Group and the
Digital Repository Ingest Group.
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