SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 133
University of Illinois at Chicago
Digitization Librarian & Associate Professor
experience using optical character recognition (OCR) software; knowledge of and experience
working with metadata schema; understanding of principles and practices of scholarly
communication initiatives and tools such as institutional repositories and data management;
familiarity with tools and initiatives in digital resource management such as DRAMBORA,
IRODs; willingness to keep current with library developments in digitization, digital libraries, and
data management by attending conferences, workshops, seminars, and reading professional
literature; experience developing grant ideas, writing grant proposals, and managing grant-funded
initiatives; ability to develop and work on collaborative initiatives within the library, with other
campus units, and with external organizations.
Ability to meet the University standards in research, publication, librarianship, and
professional service commensurate with tenure (associate professor rank).
The ability to work flexible hours.
The Digitization Librarian is a department head with tenured (associate professor) rank.
Salary dependent upon qualifications and experience; entry level faculty appointments begin at
$47,000; faculty status; twelve month appointment with 24 days vacation; 12 days annual sick
leave with additional disability benefits; 11 paid holidays; paid medical insurance (contribution
based on annual salary; coverage for dependents may be purchased); two dental plans available;
life insurance paid for by the State; participation in one of the retirement options of the State
Universities Retirement System compulsory (8% of salary is withheld and is tax exempt until
withdrawal); no Social Security coverage but Medicare payment required; physical examination
at University Health Service is required upon appointment. The University of Illinois at Chicago
Library serves a multi-site urban research university of approximately 25,000 FTE students.
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