SPEC Kit 325: Digital Preservation  · 47
18. What strategies do you anticipate the library will be using three years from now to ensure the
preservation of this type of asset? Check all that apply. N=49
Using a library-managed digital archive/repository
(such as DAITSS, Archivematica, iRODS, etc.) 28 57%
Collaborating with other administrative and/or technical units in the institution 21 43%
Participating a collaborative, hosted solution (HathiTrust, etc.) 21 43%
Participating in a collaborative, participatory solution (MetaArchive, etc.) 20 41%
Using a vendor-based, hosted solution (Portico, etc.) 15 31%
Other strategy 7 14%
Please describe the other strategy.
Continued development in-house of our own repository software, which is open source and available to others.
Further development of Data Conservancy.
Hydra-based institutional repository.
It is too soon to know which direction we will be headed, but if I were to take a guess I would say it will be a library-
managed archive, whether it be open-source or a vendor-based solution. Either way, it may also require collaboration
with other units in the institution as well as with such solutions as Hathitrust or Archive-it.org. However, these last two
solutions do not address the needs of all data types and therefore can only be seen as partial solutions to our problem.
Not sure yet.
Partnership with non-profits, e.g., Internet Archive.
Texas Digital Library PresNet.
19. If the future strategy is different from the current strategy, please comment on why you think it
will change. N=20
Development of internal repository is underway.
Discussions are underway for a collaborative statewide repository and service.
Hopefully, the need for digital preservation will be recognized within the higher echelons of the university
administration, and other administrative and/or technical units in the institution will become involved in finding
solutions to the problem.
I believe there will be some centralization of IT services (such as research computing and data management) in response
to the budget climate.
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