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COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network
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COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network
1. COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network
2. Project Description
3. Participating Institutions
4. Collections
i. COPPUL PLN content currently being preserved
ii. COPPUL Member Collections for Possible LOCKSS Inclusion
iii. COPPUL LOCKSS Collection Policy
iv. University of Alberta LOCKSS Collection Policy
5. Documentation
i. Governance Policy
ii. COPPUL LOCKSS Implementation Group and Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
iii. COPPUL Report for the Directors’ meeting, September 2010
iv. COPPUL LOCKSS Implementation Background
v. Space Requirements Report
vi. Governance Document from Alabama Digital Preservation Network
6. Project Management Tools
7. Wiki Editing/Help
8. Getting Started with LOCKSS
i. Links
ii. Videos
9. Plugin Creation Resources
10. Other Private LOCKSS Networks
Project Description
The COPPUL Private LOCKSS Network is a program that utilizes the LOCKSS digital preservation system as
a means to archive collections of local interest to members of the Council of Prairie and Pacific University
Libraries (COPPUL) that are not being preserved through any other means. Digital materials such as small
university press publications, open access journals, born digital government publications, and other
electronic journal collections that are at risk of being lost will be preserved as part of the program.
Participating Institutions
Athabasca University
Simon Fraser University
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