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Georgia Tech
SMARTech Mission and Collection Policy
SMARTech Mission and Collection Policy
http://smartech.gatech.edu/policy[10/5/11 11:38:29 AM]
Materials of specific interest:
Conference Papers
Data Sets
Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Learning Objects/Instructional Materials
Recorded Lectures and Symposia
Research and Technical Reports
Web Pages
White papers
Working Papers
Electronic Publications
In concert with the Archives, SMARTech collects electronic publications and traditional archival materials now
available in digital format. This continues the Archives’ mission of collecting and preserving the history of
campus, promoting research and scholarship through collections relating to the academic curriculum, provides
research experience for students in the use of primary sources, and aids in preservation of the legal and
administrative documents of the Institute. Some of the materials collected by Archives for inclusion in SMARTech
Annual Reports
Campus Radio Programs
Lecture Series and Symposia
Assessment Criteria
All materials considered for inclusion in SMARTech will be assessed using the following criteria.
Content Considerations:
In addition to the subject areas for collection outlined above, materials will be assessed on their enduring value.
Technical Considerations:
Both the Library’s ability to commit to the preservation of the bitstream/digital item and the technical quality of
the materials will be considered in accepting materials for inclusion in SMARTech. Digital file formats are
discussed below.
Legal Considerations:
The Library will research publishers’ restrictions and conditions for deposit of pre-/post-prints, conference
proceedings, and other items and ensure there is evidence of clear ability under copyright for the depositor to
post the material.
Digital File Formats
Items considered for SMARTech will be evaluated using the same generally accepted categories standardized by
MIT. ²
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