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Group. For any Five College policies or investments, they would be approved by the FCLC: Five College Librarians
Council (made up of the Five Colleges library directors).
Funds for new positions (in digital preservation and elsewhere) are occasionally identified in committees, and
recommendations made to the Dean’s Council, where decisions are made, refereed by the Dean. There is a dedicated
fund for innovative technology, and investments in disk space (on a backed-up SAN) some commercial software, and/or
training on software is sometimes drawn from these funds. This fund is overseen by the Associate Dean for Technology.
Libraries administrative team.
Libraries Administrators Group.
Library administration (3 responses).
Library Administration and the Digital Case Working Group.
Library Administrative Committee.
Library Affairs Dean.
Library Dean.
Library Dean and Library Executive Committee along with Campus CIO.
Library information technology services, library administration.
MIT Libraries Senior Administrative Group.
Most probably Library’s Executive Committee (comprised of Dean and AUL equivalents).
Our activities are distributed, as are responsibilities. Policy decisions are ultimately approved by Administration.
Our Libraries Cyber Infrastructure Working Group will have primary responsibility, along with vetting of digitization
standards and procedures through the Digital Data Curator.
Our library administration team has final authorization/approval authority.
Primary support would be given by the Libraries Leadership Committee (director level) with final approval at the Cabinet
level and the University Librarian (Dean).
Specific roles around digital preservation have not been clearly defined, but the heads of Archives, Scholarly
Communication and Digital Services, and Systems will be responsible for authorizing and approving future overarching
digital preservation policies and investments.
To Be Determined (2 responses).
The Administrative Council, which comprises the University Librarian, Associate University Librarians, and senior
The Dean is the official authority for all policies and expenditures.
The Digital Library Council, which reports to the Executive Council (which consists of the Library Director and all
Associate Directors).
The head of our digital library will probably lead the effort to draft preservation policies after convening an advisory
group. The dean of the library would, of course, have final authority.
The Libraries’ Leadership Council.
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