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IDEALS Digital Preservation Support Policy
PreservationSupportPolicy IDEALS IDEALS Wiki
https://services.ideals.illinois.edu/wiki/bin/view/IDEALS/PreservationSupportPolicy[10/5/11 12:28:45 PM]
AND is in a format that has lossy data compression (example: Ogg Vorbis);
OR is in a version of a format that has been deprecated in favor of a later
version (example: HTML 3.0).
Is in a proprietary format;
Is in a format that is widely adopted; and
Is in a format that is of enough public and/or commercial interest that tools are
likely to be available to migrate them to successor formats.
NOTE: Files with embedded content (for example, a PowerPoint (ppt) with a AVI
video file (avi) inserted into it) are more preservable if the the files are deposited as
separate files within the same item in IDEALS
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screen. If the
content remains embedded, it will likely not remain intact when the file is
transformed to a more preservable format.
NOTE: Files with dynamic content (for example, an Excel spreadsheet (xls) with
dynamic functions - even simple ones!) are more preservable if the dynamic content
is either documented (for example, a note in an Excel spreadsheet explaining the
functions that are included) or the document is saved as a static document (for
example, a cell in an Excel spreadsheet that is the sum of a column is saved as the
sum, not the function of adding the multiple cells).
Monitor file format for changes that might warrant transformation or
When possible, transformation to a format that preserves the content and
when possible the formatting and style of the original, but not necessarily the
Basic preservation of original object including:
bitstream maintenance;
persistent, permanent identifier;
preservation metadata;
onsite and offsite backup copies;
regular virus and file corruption checks;
periodic refreshments to new storage media.
Microsoft Word document (proprietary format)
A compressed TIFF file.
Category 3 - Low Confidence - Basic Preservation Only
Low confidence level in ability to provide long term preservation to content of
Basic level of preservation support in effort to maintain maintain viability of
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