92 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Does the current funding model appear to be sustainable?
Is there a sustainability plan for the repository?
What is the annual expense for the disciplinary repository (including personnel and equipment)?
An estimate is acceptable.
t DAR Assessment
Has your library assessed the effectiveness of the repository?
Not yet, but we plan to
If yes, or you plan to, please indicate the assessment method(s).
Collection and analysis of web usage statistics
Collection and analysis of download counts
User surveys
Interviews with individuals who use the repository
Interviews with focus groups that use the repository
We may adopt other methods as well.
Minority Health and Health Equity Archive Description
Please enter a brief description of the disciplinary repository.
The Minority Health and Health Equity Archive focuses on providing access to materials in the fields of minority health
and health disparities research and policy. The goal of the Archive is to promote trans-disciplinary scholarship on race,
ethnicity and disparities research designed to achieve health equity.
Please enter the year this repository launched.
Which subject area(s) does the repository serve?
Minority health, health disparities, ethnic and racial disparities in health research, policy, and services
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