SPEC Kit 338: Library Management of Disciplinary Repositories · 89
Who enters descriptive metadata for repository content?
Repository staff
Student workers
Third party
Via the tDAR website, metadata records can be created and files uploaded by any of these individuals. See http://www.
How many metadata records does the repository contain? Metadata records are the total number
of records, which include both records that represent digital objects held in the repository and
records that link to materials outside of the repository. An estimate is acceptable.
390,000 metadata records
Please indicate which descriptive tools are used in this repository.
Local or customized vocabularies
Uncontrolled vocabularies (i.e., user tags, author keywords)
t DAR Organizational Structure and Staffing
Please indicate the organizational structure of the personnel in your library who administer the
disciplinary repository.
The Center for Digital Antiquity has a staff of five full-time staff and four or five part-time staff. The Center is
administered and staff are part of the School of Human Evolution and Social (SHESC) at ASU and housed in Hayden
Library and work closely with ASU Libraries staff on a variety of projects and programs.
Please enter the name of the library department/group that administers the repository, the
number of individuals in the department/group, and the FTE (e.g., Individuals: 3, FTE: 3 or
Individuals: 3, FTE: 2.5).
Department/group name: The Center for Digital Antiquity
Number of individuals: 10
Total FTE: 6.6
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