SPEC Kit 338: Library Management of Disciplinary Repositories · 41
Non-profit workers
Animal-assisted therapists, animal welfare workers, and the other “expert amateurs” who use animals in health-related
settings but do not usually get paid to do so.
Do you have a sense of how large the repository’s primary audience might be?
If yes, how did you determine the size of this audience?
Size of disciplinary research community
Size of the industry market
To the extent possible, please estimate what percentage of your primary audience contributes to
the repository.
Please enter any comments you may have on this repository’s audience.
While we have plenty of evidence that the community uses the repository’s resources they do not find the process of
submitting content straightforward. This is substantially due to the fact that HUBzero was designed for academic users
and is not user-friendly in the way it accepts submissions. We have been working with the developers on streamlining
the submission process.
HABRI Central Repository Content
What strategies are used to recruit content for the repository?
Anyone can create an account and submit materials.
Submissions are moderated by repository staff to make sure they are within the scope of the resource.
Submissions are arranged through formal arrangements with publishers.
The repository staff create content.
Authors are paid through the repository budget to create content.
We search other repositories and link to open access content that is hosted at a stable URL, adding keywords.
Which content types are accepted in the repository?
Working papers
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