28 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
STEMEdHUB, and drinet are administered by Discovery Park memsHUB is administered by the NNSA Center of
Prediction of Reliability, Integrity, and Survivability of Microsystems (PRISM) CLEERHub is administered by Engineering
Education CatalyzeCare is administered by the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering C3Bio is administered
by the Bindley Bioscience Center IASHub is administered by the Institute for Accessible Science and GEOSHARE is
administered by the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship.
The University of Connecticut administers two disciplinary repositories. The Global Cestode Database (http://
tapewormdb.uconn.edu, http://tapeworms.uconn.edu/) is administered by Professor Janine N. Caira, Department of
Ecology &Evolutionary Biology, and the University Information Technology Services at the University of Connecticut. The
trust-HUB hardware security repository (https://www.trust-hub.org/about) is managed by Mark Tehranipoor at UConn
(with support from the School of Engineering IT) and team members at Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Rice University, and
University of California Los Angeles.
If you answered that the library administers/supports a disciplinary repository above, when you
click the Next button below you will skip to the section on Repository Description.
If you answered that the library plans to administer a repository, you will skip to the section on
Future Plans for a Disciplinary Repository.
If you answered either that your parent institution administers a repository or that there are no
plans to administer a repository, you will exit the survey.
The following are case studies of each of the 12 library-administered or -supported repositories.
[Note: Indiana did not complete the rest of the survey so the Digital Library of the Commons is not
included in the case studies.]
AgEcon Search Repository Description
Please enter a brief description of the disciplinary repository.
AgEcon Search http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/ is a free-to-user Web resource with full-text of working papers,
conference papers and journal articles in agricultural, development, energy, environmental, resource and other areas
of applied economics. It is housed at the University of Minnesota, and co-sponsored by the Agricultural and Applied
Economics Association (AAEA). Over 250 institutions contribute their material to AgEcon Search, and its 65,000+
papers receive over 300,000 downloads per month. Papers submitted to AgEcon Search also appear in RePEc, Research
Papers in Economics, http://repec.org/ and are highly ranked in Google and Google Scholar.
Please enter the year this repository launched.
Which subject area(s) does the repository serve?
Agricultural and applied economics
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