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InterNano Advisory Board
InterNano Advisory Board
The National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN) is an alliance of academic, government and industry
partners that cooperate to advance nanomanufacturing strength in the U.S. As part of its mission,
the NNN offers a digital library and information clearinghouse service to the academic, industrial, and
government stakeholders in nanomanufacturing.
Mission and Objectives:
The mission of InterNano is to support the nanomanufacturing research and development community
as a comprehensive service that collects, organizes, and distributes information for and about the
nanomanufacturing domain.
To obtain its goal of becoming the premier information service for the nanomanufacturing community,
InterNano will:
Provide directories and databases of nanomanufacturing processes and nanostructured
materials properties
Offer a standardized vocabulary for resource discovery and domain definition
Make timely educational materials, workshop reports, and nanomanufacturing events
information publicly available
Facilitate networking and information exchange between nanomanufacturing community
Increase exposure to scientific literature being published in nanomanufacturing
Aggregate publicly available information (news, events, job listings, grant opportunities)
Curate collections of domain-specific products, including images
Advisory Board Role
The Advisory Board will:
Serve as a focus group for InterNano feature and content development
Be available as resources for contacts and domain expertise
Advocate InterNano within members’ communities
Identify new opportunity areas for added value development of InterNano.
Membership to the Advisory Board requests a one-year, renewable commitment members will be listed
on the InterNano web site.
The advisory board will confer three to four times per year via conference call or web-based
meeting for updates and discussion. The advisory board will provide feedback and advice to the
steering committee and project team on these occasions, and informally throughout the year.
State and national academic researchers, federal research officials, and industry partners will
constitute the board.
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