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PMC National Advisory Committee
PMC National Advisory Committee
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PMC National Advisory Committee
The PubMed Central National Advisory Committee advises the Director, NIH, the Director, NLM, and the Director, NCBI, on the
content and operation of the PubMed Central repository. It is responsible for monitoring the evolution of PubMed Central and
ensuring that it remains responsive to the needs of researchers, publishers, librarians and the general public. The committee
meets at least once a year at the National Library of Medicine. Committee members are appointed by the NIH Director from the
biomedical and information communities and the general public.
Minutes of earlier meetings
June 27, 2013 PDF (179K).
June 19, 2012 PDF (200K).
June 17, 2011 PDF (192K).
June 4, 2010 PDF (220K).
June 15, 2009 PDF (107k).
June 17, 2008 PDF (37k).
April 19, 2007 PDF (36k).
October 26, 2006 PDF (52k).
April 26, 2006 PDF (37k).
October 20, 2005 PDF (38k).
April 28, 2005 PDF (27k).
November 22, 2004 PDF (27k).
May 10, 2004 PDF (22k).
December 2, 2003 PDF (32k).
June 25, 2003 PDF (26k).
January 16, 2003 PDF (25k).
January 14, 2002 PDF (25k).
March 21, 2001 PDF (24k).
Committee Members
A member's term on the committee runs through the date shown alongside the member's name.
Chair: THIBODEAU, Patricia, M.L.S., M.B.A. (01/31/15)
Associate Dean for Library Services and Archives
Duke University Medical Center Library
10 Searle Drive, 103 Mudd Building
Durham, NC 27710
ANDERSON, Ivy, M.L.S. (01/31/14)
Director, Collection Development and Management
California Digital Library
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