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Report to the AAEA Board
AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics
Report to the AAEA Board
December 17, 2012
Executive Summary
AgEcon Search has nearly 60,000 papers (up from about 48,000 a year ago) from over 250
organizations in 30 countries, including 65 journals.
This year we have had the opportunity to add a number of older publications, including Choices,
that were not available in digital format, and to further explore the idea of hosting research data.
We have also focused on recruiting material from a broader range of countries, and were lucky to
have some support for all of those activities.
A highlight of the year was receiving the AAEA President’s Award.
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Outreach, Collaboration, Initiatives
In service to AAEA, we continue to write material for the Exchange, host the Selected Papers and
Posters from the Annual Conference, work with the Outreach Committee, staff an exhibit at the
Annual Conference, and promote the organization through our regular activities.
In August 2012, AgEcon Search had a booth at the International Association of Agricultural
Economists meeting in Brazil. This gave us an opportunity to promote AgEcon Search, including
AAEA’s role, as well as make contacts with many potential contributors.
In 2011 we began a pilot project with AARES to host data from published research projects of their
members. We are utilizing Dataverse, the free, hosted software designed for social sciences data.
The site may be found at http://dvn.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/dv/AARES. In 2012 WAEA also expressed
an interest in having a similar site, and we are in the process of setting that up.
AARES was also interested in having the papers from earlier conferences scanned from microfiche
and added to AgEcon Search. We are in the process of that project and expect to finish in early
After approaching ERS about possibly digitizing their ceased publication, Journal of Agricultural
Economics Research, we learned that they had quite a few series of research reports that were
scanned but not yet uploaded. We have obtained copies and are in the process of adding them to
AgEcon Search.
New Resources
New groups/journals submitting their papers to AgEcon Search in 2012 include:
Acta Oeconomica et Informatica
AFBM Journal
Amber Waves
Crawford Fund
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