46 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Yes in the short to medium term. In the longer term a model of commercial sponsorship from certain supporters of
the HABRI Foundation, i.e., the pet care industry, looks feasible as this project is inexpensive in relation to the overall
industry expenditures.
Is there a sustainability plan for the repository?
What is the annual expense for the disciplinary repository (including personnel and equipment)?
An estimate is acceptable.
HABRI Central Assessment
Has your library assessed the effectiveness of the repository?
If yes, or you plan to, please indicate the assessment method(s).
Collection and analysis of web usage statistics
Collection and analysis of download counts
Interviews with individuals who use the repository
Interviews with focus groups that use the repository
HABRI Central Additional Comments
Please enter any additional information that may assist the authors’ understanding of this
disciplinary repository.
Research into human-animal interaction is increasingly receiving respect in health circles, including several rounds
of funding from NIH. HABRI Central is very much oriented toward translating research findings into practically
implementable strategies.
Industry Studies Working Papers Repository Description
Please enter a brief description of the disciplinary repository.
The Industry Studies Working Paper Series brings together research from a wide range of academic disciplines. Papers
published to the series reflect the knowledge of scholars who have made significant personal investments of time in
learning about the market and firm institutions concerning the industries that they study.
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