56 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Please enter the name of the library department/group that administers the repository, the
number of individuals in the department/group, and the FTE (e.g., Individuals: 3, FTE: 3 or
Individuals: 3, FTE: 2.5).
Department/group name: Science and Engineering Library
Number of individuals: 4
Total FTE: 2
Please enter the position title for up to six individuals who administer the repository. Use official
job titles when possible, or “intern,” “volunteer,” etc. If you are reporting on multiple positions
that have varying levels of repository responsibility, please start with the position that has the
most responsibility and work down.
Position 1 InterNano Project Manager/Science Librarian for the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing
Position 2 Web/Database Developer
Position 3 National Nanomanufacturing Network Managing Director
Position 4 National Nanomanufacturing Network Director
Please indicate whether each position is full-time permanent, part-time permanent, or temporary
(e.g., grant-funded, internship, etc.)
Position 1 Temporary (full-time)
Position 2 Temporary (part-time)
Position 3 Temporary (part-time)
Position 4 Part-time (permanent)
For each position, indicate the degree(s) that the individual holds.
Position 1 MLS/MLIS/PhD in Library and/or Information Science
Position 2 Bachelor’s or Associate degree
Position 3 PhD in Electrical Engineering
Position 4 PhD in Physics
Please indicate whether each position has specialized subject knowledge related to the repository’s
discipline(s)/subject area(s).
Position 1 No
Position 2 No
Position 3 Yes: Electrical Engineering, nanomanufacturing
Position 4 Yes: Physics, nanomanufacturing
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