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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions -Dryad
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Frequently Asked Questions
Submitting Data
Why use Dryad?
What is Submission Integration?
What kinds of data does Dryad accept?
When should I submit my data?
What should I prepare before submission?
How do I submit data?
How do I write a ReadMe file?
How do I cite the data in my manuscript?
Do I have the option to embargo release of my data?
How much does it cost?
What happens to data after it is submitted?
Can I see how often my data package is being used and downloaded?
Using Data
How may data from Dryad be reused?
Do I have to pay to download or use the data?
How do I cite data from Dryad?
How do I download information to my citation management software?
General Information
What is a data package?
Does my journal work with Dryad and how?
What is a Dryad DOI?
Why does Dryad use Creative Commons Zero?
Can the Dryad repository help me prepare a data management plan?
What are the charges for submitting data?
What journals are integrated with Dryad?
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