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About the Archive
About the Archive
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Any correspondence concerning this specific archive should be sent to aei@mail.pitt.edu.
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Archive Policy
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AEI Privacy Policy
The Archive of European Integration (AEI) was initiated and created by Dr. Phil Wilkin, Social Sciences Bibliographer, University Library
System, University of Pittsburgh, AEI Editor, and Dr. Michael Nentwich, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Technology Assessment,
Vienna, Austria. Mr. Nentwich is a managing editor of the European Research Papers Archive, the only other online repository dedicated to the
collection of full text materials on European integration.
Since the creation of the AEI in February 2003, the University Library System (ULS) has provided the technical and material support for the
AEI. The task of designing and implementing the archive was undertaken by a team from the ULS Department of Information Systems including
Timothy Deliyannides, Brian Gregg, Jeffrey Wisniewski and Demetrios Ioannides. The AEI is also supported by the European Union Center of
Excellence and European Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh, and the European Union Studies Association (EUSA), housed at the
University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Alberta Sbragia, former Director, European Union Center of Excellence and Center for European Studies,
University of Pittsburgh, and current Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, University of Pittsburgh, serves as a consultant for AEI. Phil Wilkin
administers all academic and intellectual aspects of the AEI.
Since Fall 2004, Barbara Sloan, formerly Head of Public Inquiries, Delegation of the European Commission to the US, Washington, DC, has
been active in all phases of the development of the AEI-EU section of the AEI.
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