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Gillingham MAF, Cézilly F, Wattier R, Béchet A (2013) Data from: Evidence for an
association between post-fledging dispersal and microsatellite multilocus
heterozygosity in a large population of greater flamingos. PLoS ONE
Larson EL, White TA, Ross CL, Harrison RG (2013) Data from: Gene flow and the
maintenance of species boundaries. Molecular Ecology doi:10.5061/dryad.258h4
Viricel A, Pante E, Dabin W, Simon-Bouhet B (2013) Data from: Applicability of RAD-
tag genotyping for inter-familial comparisons: empirical data from two cetaceans.
Molecular Ecology Resources doi:10.5061/dryad.mk364
Pluchon N, Gundale MJ, Nilsson M, Kardol P, Wardle DA (2013) Data from: Stimulation
of boreal tree seedling growth by wood-derived charcoal: effects of charcoal
properties, seedling species and soil fertility. Functional Ecology
Jamniczky HA, Harper EE, Garner R, Cresko WA, Wainwright PC, Hallgrimsson B,
Kimmel CB (2013) Data from: Association between integration structure and
functional evolution in the opercular four-bar apparatus of the threespine stickleback,
Gasterosteus aculeatus (Pisces, Gasterosteidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean
Society doi:10.5061/dryad.4b5c4
Merow C, Dalgren JP, Metcalf CJE, Childs DZ, Evans MEK, Jongejans E, Record S,
Rees M, Salguero-Gómez R, McMahon S (2013) Data from: Advancing population
ecology with integral projection models: a practical guide. Methods in Ecology and
Evolution doi:10.5061/dryad.6575f
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