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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions -Minority Health and Health Equity Archive
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The archive is sponsored solely by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Minority Health, which is an
academic center in the Graduate School of Public Health. The archive is not affiliated with any journal.
How long does it take after a preprint is deposited with
the archive for the preprint to become available to the
Allow until the end of the next business day following the day the deposit is made. When a preprint is
deposited, it immediately gets sent to our "submission buffer" where a staff member does a quick routine
check of the preprint's suitability for Minority Health Archive. The paper i s then publicly accessible via a
search, though it may not appear immediately in the "browse tree" which is updated routinely.
Can I link to the Minority Health Archive from my
Yes, we encourage linkages to our site. Use this URL for the link: http://minority-health.pitt.edu
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