SPEC Kit 338: Library Management of Disciplinary Repositories · 23
Repositories Identified through the Survey that are Based at ARL Institutions, but not Managed by the Library
Institution Repository Name Link
Pennsylvania State University CiteSeerX http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/index
Purdue University C3Bio http://c3bio.org/
Purdue University CatalyzeCare https://catalyzecare.org/
Purdue University cceHUB https://ccehub.org/
Purdue University CLEERHub http://cleerhub.org/
Purdue University CUAHD http://cuahd.org/
Purdue University driNET https://drinet.hubzero.org/
Purdue University GEOSHARE http://geoshareproject.org/
Purdue University GlobalHUB https://globalhub.org/
Purdue University IASHub http://isahub.com/
Purdue University Indiana CTSI https://www.indianactsi.org/
Purdue University manufacturingHUB http://manufacturinghub.org/
Purdue University memsHUB https://memshub.org/
Purdue University nanoHUB http://nanohub.org/
Purdue University NEEShub http://nees.org/
Purdue University pharmaHUB http://pharmahub.org/
Purdue University STEMEdhub http://stemedhub.org/
University of Connecticut Global Cestode Database http://tapewormdb.uconn.edu/
University of Connecticut Trust-Hub https://www.trust-hub.org/
University of Michigan Inter-university Consortium for Political and
Social Research (ICPSR)
University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill
Dryad http://datadryad.org/
York University HTP Prints http://htpprints.yorku.ca/
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