82 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
How many digital objects (e.g., full text items, datasets, etc.) does the repository contain? Digital
objects are distinct from metadata records. An estimate is acceptable.
How do you promote use of or deposit in this repository to the community it serves?
Conference presentations
Email announcements
Scholarly publications
Have recent government mandates affected the repository’s collection development?
The AEI Repository Metadata
Please indicate which metadata fields are required for deposition of content.
Date published
Who enters descriptive metadata for repository content?
Repository staff
Student workers
How many metadata records does the repository contain? Metadata records are the total number
of records, which include both records that represent digital objects held in the repository and
records that link to materials outside of the repository. An estimate is acceptable.
None reported.
Please indicate which descriptive tools are used in this repository.
Local or customized vocabularies
Uncontrolled vocabularies (i.e., user tags, author keywords)
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