74 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
The PhilSci-Archive Assessment
Has your library assessed the effectiveness of the repository?
No, and we have no plans to.
Resources in Integrated Care for Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention Repository
Please enter a brief description of the disciplinary repository.
RIIC-4MMDP is a free, open access, online, self-archiving repository dedicated to sharing best practices, lessons learned,
and exploring new strategies for morbidity management and disability prevention (MMDP) with the wider MMDP
community. The primary goal is to aid countries as they build capacity for planning, implementing, monitoring and
evaluating MMDP activities.
Please enter the year this repository launched.
Which subject area(s) does the repository serve?
Neglected tropical diseases, disability prevention, early detection of disease and prevention
Which languages are included in the repository?
Any language
Which software does the repository use?
Which resources or tools does the repository offer?
Email discussion list
RIIC-4MMDP Repository Origins
What were the motivating factors that led to the creation of a repository in this field/on this
A desire to centralize distributed research
A desire to alleviate barriers to accessing literature or other resources within the discipline
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