SPEC Kit 338: Library Management of Disciplinary Repositories · 39
PMC Assessment
Has your library assessed the effectiveness of the repository?
If yes, or you plan to, please indicate the assessment method(s).
Collection and analysis of web usage statistics
Collection and analysis of download counts
PMC currently has 800K–950K users and 1.7M–1.8M full-text articles retrieved, per day.
HABRI Central Repository Description
Please enter a brief description of the disciplinary repository.
HABRI Central is an online platform for open research and collaboration into the relationships between humans
and animals, specifically companion animals. HABRI Central uses a combination of library resources to facilitate the
discovery, access, production, and preservation of human-animal interaction research. A bibliography of references
to human-animal interaction literature helps you to discover existing research while a full-text repository allows you
to freely access a wide-array of materials and tools. Along with these library resources, community-driven discussion
areas, blogs, and user groups all allow you to connect and share knowledge with experts, professionals, and others
involved in the study of human-animal interaction. By hosting all of these features in an easily accessible and centralized
way, HABRI Central helps unite those involved in the study of human-animal interaction across disciplines while
simultaneously lowering access barriers that might prevent the free flow of information among them.
Please enter the year this repository launched.
Which subject area(s) does the repository serve?
The study of human-animal interaction
Which languages are included in the repository?
Any language
Which software does the repository use?
HUBzero http://www.hubzero.org
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