83 SPEC Kit 352: Collection Assessment
Senior Information Analyst
collection-focused use and cost analysis, ARL Statistics support, and on-demand institutional
research support.
25% System Management, Development and Technical Support
Oversees development, maintenance, and enhancement of the Voyager system, its web interfaces,
and related software. Provides program specifications for new applications to serve user needs and
business objectives of the Libraries. Designs and verifies all program logic for such applications.
Provides advanced technical support to enhance and expand service to users and increase
productivity of staff researches, responds to, tracks and analyzes questions and problems from
library staff in the use of Voyager and related software determines and reconciles the causes of
computer or program malfunctions, and develops creative solutions for system-related problems.
Collaborates with Library and University IT organizations to maintain system functionality and
integrity, establish and direct system best practices and operating standards, document server
operations and procedures, foster interoperability of information systems, and provide technical
support to staff and public.
Collaborates with library personnel to identify, prioritize, and carry out needed Voyager system
modifications and improvements. Manages system administration module to customize and manage
Voyager system.
10% Professional Development
Contributes to the organization by participating on committees both internally and externally.
Participates in relevant professional networks related to library information technology.
Keeps current with professional and technical developments and participates in relevant professional
networks, attends and presents at relevant seminars and conferences.
HP servers, storage units, and backup devices.
Required: Bachelor’s degree in related discipline such as Computer Science or Information Technology
3-4 years of related experience. Understanding of MARC Standards and relational database structures.
Experience with ODBC tools, Perl/CGI or other web application interfaces. Familiarity with the Unix
environment, SQL, HTML, XSL, JavaSript, Perl or other Unix scripting language.
Preferred: Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology preferred. Experience with
library functions and workflows. Experience with library related information standards, eg. EDI, NCIP,
SIP2, Z39.50, etc.
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