123 SPEC Kit 352: Collection Assessment
GreenGlass Annotated Spreadsheet for Chemical Engineering
Notes Annotated Spreadsheet
b. book expenditures (firm orders only) $5,331 7%
expenditures data drawn from CAR group
spreadsheet "3 years allocations for
monographs and expenditures for serials"
cover FY12 through FY 14
Saved in Box in the GreenGlass folder "Other
data sources"
c. subscription expenditures $74,458 93%
use the latest "Serials payment statement" to
get this information. Isolate the total charges
to the fund for the discipline you are
describing here.
d. Number of active subscriptions in FY14 35
Estimate drawn from serials payment
statement. Select the fund for your disicpline
then count the number of unique titles paid
for in the 12 month report.
e. Cost of DDA titles triggered (April 2014 through May 2015) $0 0
Saved in Box in the GreenGlass folder "Other
data sources"
f. Number of DDA titles triggered 0
Key specialized licensed databases and online resources
Which key databases would be important for
a new librarian to know about
Anything else you would like to say about this
data snapshot. Eg. What did you find most
IEEE Xplore, Web of Science, ACM digital library, Comepndex
Most of the funds go to the online subscriptions. Carlson holds a large number of old Chem
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