29 SPEC Kit 352: Collection Assessment
Depends on the amount of collection assessment project work to be done.
Hard to estimate, since activity might be extracting cataloging information (annual statistics) to daily
extraction of circulation statistics for analysis of use.
Hard to evaluate
Hours spent for regular reporting: about 35 hours per year. Hours spent for project-based data
collection and analysis: over 1000 hours per year.
Not tracked
The committee relies on data gathered elsewhere in the library.
We are beginning a new process. At this point we are unable to give definite numbers.
24. Please indicate which staff positions are members of the committee/group. Check all that apply.
Coordinator/manager/department head for collection development 10 56%
Support staff 10 56%
Acquisitions librarian 9 50%
Coordinator/manager/department head for acquisitions 9 50%
Collection assessment librarian 8 44%
Collection development librarian 8 44%
Administrator with collection assessment duties 7 39%
Cataloging/technical services librarian 6 33%
Special collections librarian 6 33%
Subject/reference librarian 6 33%
Serials librarian 4 22%
Other staff category 10 56%
Please specify the other staff category. N=10
Administrative officer, digital projects librarian, preservation department head
Assessment &Organizational Performance Technical Services (IT)
Assessment officer
AUL for special collections, representatives from the system’s law and health libraries
Collection assessment staff
Data analysts
Digital Services Librarian
E-resources librarian ILL staff
Library Systems Manager, Scholarly Repository Services, Digital Operations Coordinator
Systems Analyst from Library IT Research and Assessment Analyst/Librarian from Library
Communications &Assessment unit
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