21 SPEC Kit 352: Collection Assessment
7. Please indicate at which level library collection data is collected and at which level it is analyzed.
Check all that apply. N=67
Level Data Collected Data Analyzed N
Local library 57 56 58
Library system 40 33 40
Library consortium 36 29 38
Shared collection partners other than consortium 11 11 12
Total Respondents 67 65 67
8. Is library collection data collected and analyzed by the same individual or group? N=67
Yes, same individual or group 26 39%
No, different individuals or groups 41 61%
9. Please enter any additional comments you may have about the locus of data collection and
analysis. N=22
Central collections staff usually analyzes the data, but sometimes subject liaisons are also involved.
CMC, Acquisitions, Special Collections, ad hoc groups of subject librarians, others
Collection data by the Collection Management Librarian, other data by the assessment team.
Data collection is done chiefly but not exclusively by senior staff in the Acquisitions Department.
Specific subject liaison librarians are also involved, more often in analysis.
Data is collected and analyzed in the Libraries for program and course reviews. The Libraries is
also taking part in a consortial-level project to look for overlap in collections with the idea that some
monograph collections can possibly be shared.
Data is largely centrally collected. Analysis is more dispersed among units.
Data on different areas of the collection may be collected and analyzed by different groups.
Evaluation will vary by discipline, cost, format, or the way that the resource is acquired (e.g., is it cost
shared with other libraries in the system, a consortial purchase).
Generally the same, but may depend on the project.
I believe that collection data is collected at our state consortial level, but our library is not involved in
that, so I have no specifics.
Library assessment officer and e-resource librarian are normally primary leads but review can happen
among different persons in the library.
Library communications &planning: Assessment Librarian collects data for communications and
reporting to internal and external stakeholders ACRL, IPEDs, survey collection, peer comparisons, etc.
Collects some library-wide data for internal assessment and evaluation. Collections Management Team
in collaboration with acquisitions collects and analyzes data for collections assessment &evaluation.
Locally, our Collection Development Department evaluates our local subscriptions and programs such
as our Demand Driven Acquisitions program. California Digital Library provides data for our system-
wide consortial subscriptions and purchases.
More of a yes, no, and sometimes. It is dependent on the data and the level of analysis needed.
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