42 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
A decent and affordable deselection tool for batch comparison of holdings (i.e., like GreenGlass or WC
Analysis, but with better price point. Also, a tool that integrates alt-metrics, ILL, turnaways, etc. data
would be ideal. Something that assesses need based on available aggregating data.
A fully integrated ILS
A functional Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) implementation
An integrated tool that would automatically collect data and send it to our analysis system.
A simple method for running circulation reports for monographs by type of acquisition. SUSHI
currently does not work for many platforms and reports are not truly COUNTER-compliant. An
automated tool that would easily retrieve usage statistics in standard formats and would integrate with
cost information would be very helpful.
A tool that integrates use data from print and electronic collections. A tool that easily pulls data from
acquisition records, circulation records and COUNTER reports to accurately calculate cost per use.
A tool that scrapes bibliographic information from grant proposals, faculty annual reports, materials in
the institutional repository, course management sites, etc. but that allows for anonymity.
Allow data aggregation and analysis from disparate data collection systems.
Anything that helps collect data automatically, with reliability.
Automated tools for retrieving and presenting e-resource usage information at appropriate time-points
are needed.
Collection analysis and visualization tools that combines journal and monographic information.
Compare library holdings to other lists (e.g., new e-book/journal package, list of faculty publications) to
identify overlap and gaps in the collection.
Dashboards of collection analytics for individual selectors, as well as an SQL-builder for targeted SQL
queries of the ILS.
Easier to use and more robust reporting functionality, mostly within ILMS, for analysis like cost per
use and breakout of use by LC Class.
Easily combine electronic and print usage and combine all usage across multiple platforms.
ERM for tracking COUNTER usage statistics over time (does not exist at my institution).
ERM system integrated to our library system (does not currently exist at our library).
I didn’t want to reply no and suggest that I’m not interested in new tools, but I don’t know what already
exists. It seems to me that the way we collect and organize collection data is somewhat cumbersome
and time-consuming, but it hasn’t been a high enough priority overall for anyone to devote the time or
effort it would require to improve it significantly, so mostly we just muddle along with what we have.
I wish it were easier to review the data for e-resource usage. Right now various platforms have their
own outputs and it takes manual intervention to put it together.
I would like see a tool that integrates cost, usage, and holdings data for all collection formats and makes
it available to various library stakeholders in an easy-to-use way. It would make it easy to move up
and down between levels of information granularity and would provide historical as well as current
data analysis.
I’d like our ILS to be able to do better reports and combine things in the way I would like them, but alas
it is not happening anytime soon. Have to do a lot of manipulation to get what I want sometimes.
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