27 SPEC Kit 352: Collection Assessment
Department name Number of staff Percentage of time
Direction des acquisitions, du traitement
et de la conservation des collections
4 8%
Distributed Technical Services 2 60%
Comments N=2
There is not one person whose job responsibilities focus on collection assessment. However, at least
four unit personnel are active in this area at various times, as well as subject specialists. Percentage
represents an aggregate of time for these individuals.
One of the three staff members is always a student employee.
21. Please enter the name of the committee/group that is responsible for data collection and the
number of members. N=17
Committee/group name Number of members
CDRS Steering Committee 7
Collection development and e-resources 5–8
Collection Strategies Committee 8
Collections Services Advisory Group 12–15
Collections Steering Committee 10
Collections Team 18
Cross-Area Assessment Team, Collections Management unit 11
Data collection is conducted throughout the organization a core of the
membership serves on the Assessment Committee of the library.
Different people in different positions in the library depending on the task. We
will be forming an Assessment Committee next year.
Group has not been formalized. Includes library staff in Acquisitions/
E-Resources, Access Services, Library IT, Communications &Assessment
Informal group, no name 6
No formal name -different departments 12
Not a formal committee for data collection but rather staff from several library
departments as part of their job responsibilities
2 staff that regularly
collect data, others as
needed or requested
Not an official group at this point in time, though we are moving in that direction. 3
Not truly a committee, but rather staff members and librarians from a variety of
units including Acquisitions, Resource Management, Discovery, Resource Sharing,
Collection Development, and Administration.
Our collection assessment is not done by a formal committee, rather is done
through the workflow of multiple positions in different departments.
Program Management Center 4
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